2023 – The Year in Pictures

2023 was a great year for me and my growing consulting business. Instead of my usual newsletter article, this time I thought I would just share some of my favorite moments in pictures, as I was fortunate to travel quite a bit on projects, and I always tote around a couple of cameras. Hope you enjoy these!

New York City

New York is one of my favorite places to shoot photos, and Union Square is my epicenter. These were all taken on a bright spring day when everyone seemed to be out celebrating the end of winter.

 New York City, Union Square
New York City, Union Square
New York City, Union Square
New York City, Union Square
New York City, near Union Square

Pearl, San Antonio

In 2023, a major project was working on a 20-year Master Plan for the Pearl, a masterpiece of mixed-use development in San Antonio. It’s been such an honor to work with the folks at Pearl over the last dozen or so years!

San Antonio, Pearl
San Antonio, Pearl Park
San Antonio, Pearl Park and Food Hall

Hemisfair, San Antonio

Hemisfair is another project I have worked on for years, I was thrilled to see Phase 2 open in 2023, with an amazing water feature in the new Civic Park.

The Civic Park, Hemisfair, which opened in 2023

Meanwhile, the adjacent space, Yanaguana Garden, just gets better and better! This space opened in 2015 and reportedly is the second most frequented park per acre in Texas.

Yanaguana Garden, in Hemisfair
Yanaguana Garden, in Hemisfair


Lastly, here are a few more favorite images, not all of them related to one of my projects. I wish everyone the very best as we launch into 2024!

Addison Circle Park in Addison Texas
Winterthur Children’s Garden
New York’s new Moynihan Station

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