The Haunting Beauty of Lincoln’s Haymarket District

The Haunting Beauty of Lincoln’s Haymarket District

Lincoln, Nebraska isn’t necessarily where you’d expect to find a perfectly intact 19th-century downtown, but this university town of just under 300,000 delivers a big package of walkable urbanism combined with historic preservation. Following is a photo essay of my recent trip there, thanks to the Downtown Lincoln Association.

A 20th-century bridge passes through the otherwise unmarred Historic Haymarket district.
Loading docks along 8th Street have slowly transitioned to become outdoor spaces for a variety of retailing and dining.
8th Street comes alive at night, with a faithful crowd that has made this a vibrant nightlife district.
Quiet streets are a noticeable characteristic of this district, especially in the daytime. The lack of traffic adds considerably to the haunting beauty of the whole experience.

These may look like postcards from a bygone era, but it’s reassuring, even exciting, that these scenes are there waiting for you in downtown Lincoln.

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