Ho’opili Public Realm Experience Plan

West Oahu, Hawaii

Ho’opili Public Realm Experience Plan

Client: DR Horton
Location: West Oahu, Hawaii
Year: 2015-2016
Lead firm: MIG
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Ho`opili is the largest development in Hawai`i, comprising 1,290 acres of land centered on a new light rail line leading to Honolulu. Working for MIG, Phil Myrick created an overlay Public Realm Experience Plan to ensure that the Ho`opili public realm delivers a lifestyle specifically targeted to residents and users of Ho`opili.

The Public Realm Experience Plan will guide design and programming to create authentic community places and experiences that speak to every key audience, including families, teens, single millennials, seniors, workers, and shoppers or other visitors to the community. The Public Realm Experience Plan considers not only the spaces themselves for placemaking, but also the relationships between the public realm, adjacent buildings, and nearby transit hubs so that together they create a fully vibrant and energetic community.

Ho`opili will include a mix of uses with over 11,000 residential units, four million square feet of commercial and industrial space, 100 acres of park space, and five public schools. Additional land preserved for agriculture and conservation creates a total site area of over 1,500 acres.

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